New York: Much more children in clinics because of Omikron

Status: December 27, 2021 4:06 p.m.

Omikron is causing the number of infections to explode in New York: Almost one in twelve is infected, four times as many children are admitted to clinics as before. It particularly affects those under five.

By Antje Passenheim, ARD-Studio New York

More and more children are being admitted to hospitals in New York with corona infections. This is a consequence of the increase in Omicron cases in the metropolis, reported the health authorities.

Antje Passenheim
ARD-Studio New York

Accordingly, four times as many children under the age of 18 with Corona have been admitted to clinics since the beginning of the month than before. About half of the patients are younger than five years. Unlike everyone else in the United States, children in this age group are not allowed to be vaccinated. New York State Health Commissioner Mary Bassett stated:

We’re alerting New Yorkers to this rapid surge in child deliveries so that pediatricians, parents and guardians can take immediate action to protect our youngest New Yorkers.

Almost one in twelve is infected

The wave of omicrons has caused infection rates to explode in New York. According to statistics, almost every twelfth inhabitant of the city is currently infected. On Christmas Eve alone, the authorities reported more than 15,000 new infections. The numbers have tripled within a week. However, most infections in adults are apparently milder, reports media such as the “New York Times” citing experts.

Of the city’s 8.3 million residents, 72 percent are fully vaccinated. A third of them have already received a booster vaccination. Nevertheless, nervousness is spreading among New Yorkers – and memories of spring 2020, when the first corona wave hit the city.

People wait for hours at the test centers. The laboratories hardly keep up with the results. More and more facilities are closing. Numerous musicals and theaters have canceled their performances on Broadway.

More and more children in New York hospitals because of Omikron

Antje Passenheim, ARD New York, December 27, 2021 3:49 p.m.

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