New Years: Times Square, ready to welcome 2022

The tourist sector of the popular Times Square is preparing, as is tradition, to welcome the new year, which this time will be “decaffeinated” by the strict rules that have been imposed in the face of the rebound of the coronavirus and that will limit the event only 15 thousand people in the place.

“People have come from all over the world, but less than in other years because of COVID”

A few days after receiving 2022, the Times Square Alliance, which centralizes this business and theater sector and organizes this celebration, puts the finishing touches on the famous crystal ball that descends each year to mark the start of a new year in New York.

The Public and the New York Press they witnessed this Monday a group of workers installing some of the glass triangles, They vary in size, from the 2,668 that make up the sphere of more than 5,000 kilos and illuminated by 32,256 red, blue, green and white led bulbs that form a palette of thousands of tones.

At 11:59 p.m., the sphere will begin to descend, as it has done since it debuted in 1907, with the public and the millions of people who from different countries follow this celebration in New York.

Trucks from various companies have already been installed around Times Square for the live broadcast of the show, while hundreds of people, many of them tourists, walked from one side to another like ants, taking photos or stopping to look at the gigantic advertising screens, under the surveillance of the police.

From different countries, cultures or languages, However, the assistants shared the same emotion, which they did not hide, when walking calmly, accompanied by their families or alone, in the sector where security fences have already been installed.

“People have come from all over the world, but less than in other years because of COVID,” said a Times Square worker, who for ten years has distributed information about tour buses while around him the “Hulk”, “Minnie Mouse “and other famous Times Square characters, joined by Santa Claus, took photos with visitors.

Like every year, visitors to Times Square stopped to write what they expected of the new year, papers that will later come down like confetti to close the celebration in Times Square and that most of them wished for health, money and love by 2022.

“Find my partner for life”, “Health for all my family”, “Health and love”, “Do what makes me happy”, “Love me again”, “Stay with my partner”, “Open doors to my dreams “and even” a Golden Retriever “have been on the wish list of the public who visit the booth, about a thousand a day, since it began on December 1.



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