Move Green Car join forces to build an integrated mobility solution

Integration from private vehicles to KTX and car sharing

Move Co., Ltd. CEO Choi Min-seok (right) and Green Car CEO Kim Kyung-bong signed a business agreement / Move

Mobility platform Move Co., Ltd. and Green Car, a car-sharing company, announced on the 27th that they had signed a strategic MOU.

MOVV is a private transportation service that allows you to travel comfortably and safely to your destination with a dedicated driver and a dedicated vehicle for travel, business trips, and golf course transfers. It provides a service that can be borrowed and can be rented from the app unattended. Based on the business capabilities of each company, the two companies will build an integrated mobility solution to improve transportation infrastructure and introduce differentiated mobility services to customers.

With this agreement, Move will expand the choice of free movement by connecting various types of transportation such as green car car-sharing in addition to the free pickup service. Users can not only make a one-stop reservation for KTX and connected transportation, but also get off at the station and use the pre-booked taxi, move time zone, or car-sharing service without waiting.

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]

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