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Greetings from Korea Tourism Organization (December 27, 2021)

1st grade promotion : Kim Young-mi, Head of Tourism Big Data Office, Jung Chang-wook, Head of Tourism Industry Office, Kim Seong-hoon, Head of National Tourism Office, Joo Sang-yong, Head of International Tourism Office

2nd grade promotion : Digital Contents Center Director Kim Kyung-soo, Budget Team Leader Ju Yong-cheol, Jeonbuk Branch Manager Park Jeong-woong, Kuala Lumpur Branch Manager Yang Kyung-soo

2nd grade promotion and transfer : National Tourism Marketing Team Leader Hyo-won Ahn, Future Innovation Team Leader Pil-sang Seong

Telegram and position change : Hwa-Jun Han, Head of Tourism Human Resources Development Office, Jin-Soo Jeong, Director of Japan Regional Center, Jin-Hwa Jin, Director of China Regional Center, Jae-Seok Park of Americas Regional Center, Dong-Il Kim of Audit Office, Yoon-Suk Park, Head of Tourism Business Support Office, Jong-Hoon Kim, Head of Management Support Office, Kwon-Ki Kim, Director of Smart Tourism Center, Korean Peninsula Tourism Center Jang Je Sang-won, Tourism Certification Center Director Kim Yong-jae, Audit Team Leader Kim Nam-cheon, Tourism Enterprise Development Team Leader Kang Gyu-sang, Japan Team Leader Lee Tae-young, Daejeon Chungnam Branch Manager Kim Jung-ah, Istanbul Branch Manager Cho Hyun-jo, Digital Marketing Planning Team Leader Heo Hyun, Overseas Digital Marketing Team Leader Song Eun-kyung, Tourism Jobs Team Leader Geun-Hee Jung, Head of Tourism Business Startup Team, Yong-An Jung, Young-Hee Park, Head of Future Talent Development for Tourism, Hyun-Ji Do, Head of China Team, Kyung-Eun Yuk, Head of Southeast Asia and Middle East Team, Beom-Seok Park, Head of Labor Team, Yeo-Ok Han, Head of Gangwon Branch, Jae-Hyeong Lee, Part Manager of Smart Tourism Center

dispatch : Byung-chan Lee of Incheon Tourism Organization, Jun-gil Jo of Busan Tourism Organization, Tae-hwan Kim of Busan Tourism Organization (Busan Tourism Business Support Center)

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