COVID: Joe Biden Accepts “More Needs To Be Done” About America’s Testing Shortage

The American President, Joe Biden acknowledge that “More needs to be done” so that Americans can access the COVID test, this after tests will sell out at most pharmacies of the country during Christmas.

“We have seen how hard it was for some people to access the test this weekend and that shows we have more work to do “Biden admitted during a virtual meeting with 25 of the country’s 50 governors, including Democrats and Republicans.

As in other countries of the world, before the Christmas weekend, There were many Americans who came to be tested for COVID to clinics and pharmacies, there they found that not only there were no citations, but antigen testing was not available.

In previous meetings, Biden responded angrily to a question about the lack of tests available, but this Monday he recognized that the queues to buy them or to take the COVID test were “very long” in some states and that things had to be done more and better.

Last week, President Biden explained what the US strategy would be against the omicron variant, which seems to be more contagious than other mutations of the virus, and announced that as of January, 500 home antigen tests will be distributed at home, all free of charge.

In addition, the US president is reconsidering some of his measures against pandemic, as the time that those who have been infected must meet or whether or not travelers must show proof of vaccination on local flights.

According to Anthony Fauci, the top epidemiologist in the US government, the omicron variant it is already the predominant variant in the United States and it is responsible for more than 70% of infections, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, in English).

America is still one of the hardest hit countries for the COVID pandemic more than 816 thousand deaths and 52.3 million infections since March 2020, the Johns Hopkins University count indicates.



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