Coronavirus pandemic: ++ Seven-day – Incident increases to 222.7 ++


Status: 12/27/2021 4:12 a.m.

The Robert Koch Institute reports 13,908 new infections with Covid-19. Several police officers were injured during protests in Schweinfurt. The current developments in the live blog.

4:09 am

Nationwide seven-day incidence rises to 222.7

The nationwide seven-day incidence of new corona infections has risen to 222.7. 13,908 new infections with the corona virus were recorded within 24 hours, as the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported on Monday morning. In addition, 69 other people died after a corona infection. The RKI pointed out that because of the Christmas holidays, fewer people were being tested and not all health authorities were forwarding data. The actual numbers could therefore be higher.

04:05 am

Clashes at Corona demo in Schweinfurt

According to the police, there were clashes between demonstrators and the police at a demonstration against the Corona measures in Schweinfurt, Bavaria. According to the Lower Franconia police, several hundred people from the lateral thinker and anti-vaccination scene took part in the non-registered demo on Sunday evening. Several participants tried to break through barriers with massive force. The officers used pepper spray and batons. According to the police, eight police officers were injured by punching and kicking. Eight participants in the demonstration were arrested for, among other things, resistance, attempted release from prisoners, assault and assault against police officers. According to the police, four of the arrested will be brought to court on Monday as part of an accelerated procedure. Judgments can be expected on the same day. According to the police, a four-year-old child came into contact with the pepper spray cloud while using pepper spray against demonstrators. The child had been cared for by rescue workers because of eye irritation and was symptom-free again after a few minutes after an eye wash. A complaint had been made against the mother, who, according to the police, came from the lateral thinker scene and had taken her child with her while trying to overcome a police cordon.

1:23 am

City Council President Lewe calls for police protection for local politicians

City Council President Markus Lewe urges better protection of officials and mandate holders from violent corona protests. “Politically motivated crimes against officials and elected officials have become unbearable. More than every second local politician has been insulted, threatened with hatred or assaulted,” said the CDU politician to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Monday editions). “When the going gets tough, that is, when there are specific threats, local politicians must also receive unbureaucratic police protection.” The protection of the constitution and police authorities needed more staff for this.

12:14 am

Pisa boss Schleicher warns of renewed school closings

The head of the Pisa study, Andreas Schleicher, warns of renewed school closings in the corona crisis. “We have just seen in an international comparison that schools can be kept open even when the infection situation is difficult – if that has priority and if appropriate preparations are made,” says the OECD Education Director in the podcast “Die Schulstunde” of the editorial network Germany (RND / Monday ). “We have seen very clearly in the first two years that this pandemic is widening virtually every little rift in our education system.” The social background in particular will have a stronger effect accordingly. “It cannot be that it is always the youngest who pay the price for this crisis.”

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