Corona measures for England: high numbers – no stricter rules

As of: December 27th, 2021 8:01 pm

Omikron dominates in Great Britain and the number of new infections is high. However, the British government does not want to introduce stricter rules for England. She cites milder gradients due to the variant as the reason – but there is more to it than that.

Despite record new infections every day over the Christmas period, the British government does not want to introduce stricter corona rules in the largest part of England for the time being. Health Minister Sajid Javid called on the population to be vigilant, to celebrate New Year’s Eve outdoors if possible and to do a quick test before attending events. “When we start the new year we will of course check whether we need to take further action. But until then it will stay that way,” said Javid.

With 103 corona cases in one week, the Premier League also reported a record level. It was the highest value for players and members of the support staff since the tests began in May 2020, said the top English soccer league. Because of the many new infections, several games had to be canceled recently.

According to Health Minister Javid, the highly contagious omicron variant now accounts for around 90 percent of cases. However, several studies indicate milder disease progression and lower hospitalization rates with Omikron. This played an important role in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision not to tighten the rules, it said.

Dispute over stricter measures

However, opponents of the corona measures in Johnson’s own party had threatened the head of government with sharp headwinds if he were to introduce stricter rules. In the UK, regional governments are responsible for health policy. Prime Minister Johnson decides for England, which has no government of its own. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, in some cases significantly stricter corona measures apply.

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