Brazil: Floods in Bahia |

As of: 12/27/2021 4:28 a.m.

Two dams broke in northeastern Brazil on Sunday. The region has been suffering from storms for weeks. Almost 20,000 people have since lost their homes. There were several deaths.

After long, heavy rain, around 60 places in the Brazilian state of Bahia were under water on Sunday, according to the governor. Two dams broke at the weekend, as the administrations of the affected communities in the east of the country announced. On social media, they called on residents around the dams to get to safety.

Heavy rains in the region had already driven thousands of residents to flight. The government of the state of Bahia said that 18 people have been killed in floods since early November. Two would still be missing. More than 16,000 people were made homeless and 19,500 were displaced by the flood.

Authorities are trying to distribute relief supplies

Governor Rui Costa said some people had been rescued from rooftops. The authorities tried to distribute food, mattresses and warm clothes.

The floods bring back memories of a dam disaster in Brumadinho, Brazil. At least 260 people were killed there by a mudslide in early 2019.

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