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27.12.2021 – 03:50


Seoul, south korea, Jan.

Nota, a startup with an AI optimization platform, has received $ 14.7 million in Series B funding, which is announced today.

The Series B financing closed last month, one year after the Series A financing of $ 6.7 million. This financing round is supported by Stonebridge Ventures, LB Investment, DS Asset, Intervest and Company K Partners. Nota raised a total of $ 23 million.

Nota is a technology startup focused on optimizing AI models with its main platform solution called NetsPresso and developing various AI solutions including an intelligent transport system, facial recognition-based access control and a solution for low-power monitoring of drivers in vehicles .

NetsPresso from Nota is a proprietary, hardware-based AutoML platform that automates the development process of AI models using only data sets. NetsPresso significantly reduces the time and resources required to develop an AI model and optimize the model for a target hardware by automating the process. The platform solution has been validated by numerous companies and is in beta testing before it is launched.

Additionally, Nota announces that it has separately released a beta version of NetsPresso’s Compression Toolkit module to help deep learning engineers implement various AI model compression techniques to better and faster optimize AI models with its user interface .

Nota’s differentiated technology is also recognized by Nota’s solutions being selected as Nvidia’s Success Story and Arm’s AI case study. Based on its core technology, Nota offers NetsPresso and optimized AI solutions for companies in the national and global B2B market.

A Stonebridge Ventures investor said, “The size of high-performance AI models like GPT-3 is growing rapidly, and most AI models are too large for edge devices, so optimizing AI models is becoming increasingly important. We expect that Nota will be able to lead the global MLOps market not only with its optimization software, but also with its hardware-based AutoML solution, the first of its kind in the industry. “

DS Asset commented, “Nota has demonstrated its business potential and ability to compete in the global marketplace through its partnership with the world’s leading server and edge companies, Nvidia and Arm. We believe that as the pool of R&D professionals grows, their solutions will reach a higher level of performance. “

Nota plans to grow its global business and improve its AI optimization technology. The startup also wants to strengthen its R&D team by recruiting more top talent.

Myungsu Chae, CEO of Nota, commented, “The Series B funding will allow us to continue developing our streamlined AI solutions. This will be an opportunity for us to reach a more diverse range of industries with our technology, which has already been endorsed by top companies. “

As an exhibitor at CES 2022, Nota will present its AI optimization platform NetsPresso and its on-device solutions for ITS and DMS.

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