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When the past year ends and the new one begins, there is a relaxed atmosphere all over Germany. The New Year is usually celebrated with family and friends. For many, this also includes the radiant, brightly colored fireworks. But hand fountains, floor eddies and the like give New Year’s Eve a downside every year. Because careless behavior can quickly lead to injury or property damage. The digital insurance manager CLARK explains which insurances are effective in the event of New Year’s Eve claims.

The turn of the year is always a reason to say goodbye to the old year and to celebrate the beginning of the new year appropriately. Many take this special evening as an occasion for a lively party. That the table volcanoes and Co., which are also available this year, can also be very dangerous, is something many people have to discover anew every year. According to a population-representative study by the digital insurance manager CLARK in cooperation with the survey institute YouGov, it would negatively affect the New Year’s mood in almost every third German (27 percent) if the New Year’s Eve fireworks damage someone else’s property or injure someone else.

Damage can result from carelessness

Not paying attention for a moment and, for example, the burning sparkler too close to the high-quality sofa from the: r host: held in and it happened: an expensive claim. But who is responsible for the costs that have arisen as a result? “In the event of self-inflicted damage, such as a burn hole in an expensive sofa, it takes effect Personal liability insurance“, know the CLARK insurance experts. Of course, this also applies in reverse. Should a friend or an unknown person accidentally damage their property, their private liability insurance will cover the damage. It is important, even in the midst of it In the exuberant mood of thinking that the insurance data must be exchanged before the person who caused the damage disappears into the night again. The CLARK insurance experts point out: “You should be with someone in the Damage caused on New Year’s Eve expect that individual cases will be examined more closely. ”

If you looked too deep into the glass

Since New Year’s Eve is celebrated with alcoholic drinks, some insurers are initially skeptical if a claim is reported that night. For example, carelessly igniting a New Year’s rocket while under the influence of alcohol could be classified as gross negligence. In this case, the liability insurance would not cover the damage. “That is why you should make sure when you take out your insurance whether the insurance cover also applies to alcohol consumption,” recommend the CLARK insurance experts. “Private liability insurance mostly covers this case.”

Leave your car behind – but keep an eye on it!

The New Year’s Eve fountains can also be dangerous for car owners – especially when they are not driving. Because when cars are parked on the street, ground eddies or cracked peas ignited on them can cause unwanted damage. Since this damage is usually not noticed until the next day, it is often difficult to find the person responsible. Fortunately, it takes over Comprehensive insurance such damage if no responsible party can be identified. If the car was damaged by vandalism on New Year’s Eve, she’ll come Fully comprehensive for this damage. It is therefore safest to park the car in the garage or in a more secluded parking lot so that you do not get damaged.

Before New Year’s Eve, it is therefore advisable to check your insurance situation and, if necessary, to retrofit in order to celebrate the New Year safely. But above all, caution is required so that damage does not occur in the first place.

[1] The data used are based on an online survey by YouGov Deutschland GmbH, in which 1025 people took part between September 20 and 24, 2021. The results were weighted and are representative of the German population aged 18 and over.

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