▷ BG ETEM: budget approved and new structure initiated

27.12.2021 – 09:38

BG ETEM – Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for Energy, Textile, and Electrical Media Products

Cologne (ots)

After a virtual consultation and a written vote, the meeting of representatives of the Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Energy, Textile, Electrical, Media Products (BG ETEM) has set the course for the future. In addition to the adoption of the 2022 budget, the Assembly of Representatives also changed the statutes in order to initiate restructuring. The resolutions have now become binding.

For the coming year, the BG ETEM expects expenditure of 1.558 billion euros. That is three percent more than in 2021. Among other things, the price includes the pension increase planned by the legislature as well as tariff increases that lead to higher compensation payments in the statutory accident insurance. A total of almost one billion euros is estimated for the rehabilitation and compensation of injured and sick people after work accidents and occupational diseases. Another 140 million euros will be invested in prevention. In addition, there are administrative costs, procedural costs and capital expenditures.

New structure for better care

An amendment to the statutes resolved by the meeting of representatives paves the way for restructuring in the area of ​​rehabilitation and compensation. Under the umbrella of a uniform rehabilitation management, four regional directorates with eight offices will care for injured and sick people in the future. “With this new organization, we are reducing the coordination effort and thus freeing up resources that can flow into support,” says Johannes Tichi, Chairman of the Management Board of BG ETEM, happily. Tichi sees further advantages of the planned structure that processing and quality standards will be enforced.

Annual report

BG ETEM also presented its 2020 annual report to the representatives’ meeting. The report shows that the number of reportable accidents at work in the BG ETEM industries has decreased by 12 percent to around 48,000 accidents. This corresponds to an accident rate of 16.0 accidents per 1,000 full-time workers. An accident must be reported if it causes more than three days of incapacity to work. 29 people died in accidents at work. Almost 10,700 people suffered an accident on their way to work in 2020. That is 21.2 percent less than in the previous year. 19 people insured with BG ETEM died in rush hour traffic.

A suspected occupational disease was reported to the BG ETEM almost 5,900 times. Compared to 2019, this is a decrease of 5.5 percent. In 2020, about 6,600 suspicious transaction reports were decided. The suspicion was confirmed 3,150 times.

More figures and statistics as well as reports on the branches of the BG ETEM and the work of the employers’ liability insurance association are available at http://jahresbericht.bgetem.de to find.

The Assembly of Representatives – the Parliament of the BG ETEM

Like all self-governing bodies of the employers ‘liability insurance association, the representatives’ assembly works on a voluntary basis and is formed on an equal footing. At BG ETEM, the assembly of representatives comprises 30 members each on the insured and the employer’s side. Their tasks include, in particular, deciding on the statutes, accident prevention regulations as well as the annual accounts and budget. The meeting of representatives meets twice a year.

Background BG ETEM

BG ETEM is the statutory accident insurance for around 4.3 million employees in over 200,000 member companies. She takes care of occupational health and safety in the member companies as well as rehabilitation and compensation for accidents at work and occupational diseases. On behalf of its member companies, the BG ETEM assumes liability for the health consequences of occupational accidents and diseases towards the employees and also releases them from liability among themselves.

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