Effects of the pandemic: clinics in Germany are doing badly

As of: 12/27/2021 12:16 a.m.

Despite government aid, the German clinics are in a miserable financial position. 60 percent of the facilities expect losses in 2021. According to a media report, this is the result of the latest “hospital barometer”.

The hospitals in Germany are apparently doing worse than they have been in 20 years. That comes from the “Hospital Barometer” of the German Hospital Institute, which is available to the editorial network Germany (RND). According to this, 60 percent of the clinics expect economic losses for the past year. Compared to the previous year, the proportion of facilities that are in the red is likely to double, according to the German Hospital Association (DKG).

According to the survey, only eleven percent of hospitals currently rate their economic situation as good. For 2022, 22 percent of the clinics expect an economic improvement. A major reason for the economic problems is the lower utilization of the clinics due to the pandemic.

Occupancy and treatment numbers decreased

A major reason for the economic problems is the lower utilization of the clinics due to the pandemic. According to the survey, every second hospital complains about a lower occupancy than in the previous year. Planned operations have been canceled in order to keep treatment capacities free for corona sufferers. In addition, the number of treatments has decreased overall because patients did not go to the doctor or the clinic for fear of infection.

Against this background, DKG boss Gerald Gaß praised the decision of the traffic light coalition to extend the flat-rate fees until March 2022. However, the problem is that the psychiatric clinics remain outside, he warned.

Not enough caregivers

According to the survey, the personnel situation in nursing has also worsened. Four out of five hospitals then have problems filling vacant care positions in their general and intensive care units. Around 22,300 care positions are vacant nationwide. Since 2016, according to the DKG, this has tripled the number of vacancies.

According to the survey, every second hospital expects the number of nursing staff to deteriorate over the next three years. Nursing staff shortages are “the most pressing problem in health policy,” said Gass. It must be at the top of the political agenda.


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