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11.12.2021 – 08:49

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Prepare yourself for something … This year, for the finale of “Ninja Warrior Germany” (on December 17th + 18th, 8:15 pm), not only is the final course closely guarded by security, it is also closely guarded In the final, everything that has happened so far on the course is in the shade. This has never happened before with Ninja Warrior Germany! In the American ninja warrior variant, it took seven years until the first ninja warrior existed. For the first time, not only one of the athletes could make it to Mount Midoriyama, but also conquer the very last obstacle in the final and press the buzzer. So Germany would have its 1st ninja warrior after the USA and Great Britain. How ready is the ninja warrior community?

In any case, the security is ready – and the “Men in Black” from the security service ensure with all their human power that none of the ninja athletes get to see the final course before they are on the starting platform ! Everyone of the best of the best should: r should have the same chances of conquering the mount!

On Saturday, December 18, the grand finale of the 6th season says: Who will not only make it to the mount, but who will conquer the mount? The grand finale, however, begins the day before: On Friday, December 17th. The best 40 out of almost 300 ninjas who competed this year start to achieve what no one in Germany has done before them. Who will make it to the second final, who can conquer all the obstacles and take home the EUR 300,000 prize money?

In the target group of 14- to 49-year-olds, “Ninja Warrior Germany” achieved a 13.1 percent market share (0.88 million viewers) on Friday evening – and thus landed first in prime time -Year-olds the market share was 10.1 percent (1.29 million). A total of 1.91 million viewers tuned in.

In our picture production you can see the first pictures from the 1st final.

You can see a preview of the 1st final here.

The processes of the two final shows: In part 1 (Fri., December 17th) 8 obstacles have to be overcome in 3:15 minutes: arrow jump, jump pole 2.0, sling trunk, tunnel jump 2.0 to hang wave, saber-tooth flyer, ferris wheel and the wall 2.0. All athletes who manage stage 1 in the allotted time will be back in the second final on Saturday, December 18th.

Finale, part 2: These five obstacles of stage 2 have to be overcome in less than 2 minutes: changing tires, drawbridge, double lever, kite back and the chimney with flaps. Stage 3 has no time limit: floating doors, walk, finger strips 3.0, box boxes, ball hooks and the pole flight. When everything is done, Mount Midoriyama is waiting and you have 25 seconds to climb up the 20 meter long rope and press the buzzer on top. Who will be Germany’s first: r Ninja Warrior and win EUR 300,000?

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