▷ Inflation and pandemic: Tafel boss calls for immediate Corona aid for poor people

11.12.2021 – 01:00

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Inflation and pandemic: Tafel boss calls for immediate Corona aid for poor people

“At least 100 euros a month” – Jochen Brühl: Fourth corona wave is loneliness

Osnabrück. Tafel boss Jochen Brühl has asked the new federal government to initiate immediate Corona aid for people with little money. In an interview with the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”, Brühl demanded: “Immediately. Not at some point. 20 to 25 euros are not enough, that has to be at least 100 euros a month in the short term.” Poor people or people at risk of poverty are not only financially “and often psychologically” at their limit because of the pandemic, said the chairman of the umbrella organization of the food banks in Germany. Inflation is currently exacerbating this, making many things in everyday life more expensive. “Inflation is a real threat to poor people.”

The ongoing corona pandemic is also noticeable in the composition of the Tafel customers. The proportion of short-time workers has “increased enormously,” said Brühl. “We can see who received insufficient or late help in the pandemic: Many more students, but also people from the gastronomy scene or from the cultural sector are now coming to the food banks.” Older people stayed away from the facilities more often, lunch tables and senior cafes would have to be canceled due to Corona. Brühl suspected that many old people were now sitting alone at home with no food and no social contacts. “The fourth corona wave is also a wave of isolation,” said the Tafel boss.

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