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11.12.2021 – 10:46


Bonn / Berlin (ots)

The designated co-chairman of the SPD, Lars Klingbeil, sees great unity in his party after many years of dispute. “It makes a difference whether a party is alive or divided, whether it falls apart into chaos, or whether it is disciplined and united,” said Klingbeil on the sidelines of the SPD party conference in an interview with Phoenix. “We have achieved this in recent years because we have resolved internal conflicts, discussed internally and worked on solutions.” In contrast to the internal power struggle in 1998 between Gerhard Schröder and Oskar Lafontaine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz could rely on the future party leadership. “That won’t happen now with Olaf Scholz and Saskia Esken. Olaf Scholz knows that he can rely on Saskia Esken and me.”

Nevertheless, there will continue to be debates among the Social Democrats. “The speed limit debate was conducted and clearly decided in the coalition negotiations,” said the former SPD general secretary. “There is a clear regulation for the next four years, but the debate is not over,” said Klingbeil. “Also the question of armed drones – that was what the SPD led on behalf of society as a whole. It is a highly sensitive question and I would like more debate and discussion on such points, because I want society to deal with foreign and security policy issues employed.” Debate is not something that upsets a party or harms it. The conflicts in the SPD were often personal attacks and personal conflicts, according to the designated co-party chairman.

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