Lakeshore General Hospital Declares COVID-19 Outbreak

Breadcrumb Trail Links News Local news The health board in charge of the hospital says “fewer than five” patients and employees have tested positive. All were twice vaccinated. Author of the article: Montreal Gazette Publication date: December 11, 2021 • 32 minutes ago • 1 minute read • Join the conversation Lakeshore General Hospital in […]

For the first time, patients-turned-nurses speak at Montreal Children’s Hospital’s major surgical rounds | Watch news videos online

For the first time in the history of Montreal Children’s Hospital, former patients who are now nurses took the floor as speakers at large surgical rounds. As Brayden Jagger Haines reports, the Grand Rounds are presentations intended to help surgeons stay current on developments in clinical care and research.

Queen’s University confirms 135 COVID-19 infections in the past week – Kingston | The Canadian News

With two weeks until Christmas, Queen’s University has announced a COVID-19 outbreak. According to the school’s case tracker, there were at least 135 confirmed infections this week. Read more: Queen’s University Declares COVID-19 Outbreak in Student Community With the in-person testing season in full swing and the emergence of the OMICRON variant, school officials are […]

Children stole the senators’ spotlight on Saturday

Breadcrumb Trail Links sports Ottawa Senators NHL Hockey It has long been argued that long-term success is about becoming competitive primarily through local talent, the path senators are taking. Author of the article: Ken warren Senators captain Brady Tkachuk has his eyes on the puck as he faces Steven Stamkos of the Lightning in the […]

Veracruz – SandFest 2021: Sand castles

First week of December and the off road activity does not stop in Mexico. Different routes and enthusiast clubs confirm it but it is the National Off Road Circuit the one that sets the standard for the annual calendar. Almost to close the events of this 2021, the Bosco’s Camp team organized an exploration on […]

Kas fosters long-term and sustainable cooperation

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) is a German Christian Democratic-oriented political foundation. “With our work we seek to guarantee and promote democracy, peace, freedom and well-being in Europe and the world.” They have more than 100 offices abroad, develop projects and activities in 120 countries through national and regional programs. Hans Blomeier, director of the […]

Renegotiations of annexation between the township of Cavan Monaghan and the town of Peterborough unlikely | Watch news videos online

A recent statement from the City of Peterborough declares a willingness to renegotiate with the Municipality of Cavan Monaghan when it comes to creating new employment lands with services. But with the city’s recent adoption of its official plan, the document outlining Peterborough’s development over the next 30 years, talks may be on hold once […]

Short-handed 67 feels bitten by Bulldogs

Breadcrumb Trail Links sports Hockey “We are fighting. We looked very good and didn’t score and the frustration is growing. We are squeezing our sticks. ” Author of the article: Don campbell Publication date: December 11, 2021 • 10 minutes ago • 3 minute read • Join the conversation Chris Barlas of 67 is close, […]

Patrick, Fly to Life and travel deals

Between the urgency and lack of experience to go on vacation often wrong decisions are made. The rain of tempting offers is, more than ever, at hand and at a click. Dozens of tourist pages and unfiltered Facebook accounts for posting content are happily shared. You pay without reading the conditions in detail and then […]

Kit Developed for Children to Explain the Homeless Crisis and Raise Funds for Emergency Shelters – Halifax | The Canadian News

The homeless crisis is drawing the attention of the children of Halifax. Halifax Mutual Aid and the advertising agency Shortstop are launching a fundraiser to help the homeless as well as parents who want to explain the housing crisis to their children. Campbell McClintock, a spokesperson for Halifax Mutual Aid, says the idea came after […]