Supplementary budget of 60 billion: Lindner plans “boosters” for the economy

Status: 10.12.2021 3:46 p.m.

The new Finance Minister Lindner gets started right away and gets a billions in supplementary budget on the way. There should be no additional debt. The new government wants to implement a requirement of the coalition agreement.

The new Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner is planning a supplementary budget for this year with a volume of 60 billion euros. The money should be used to provide future investments in climate protection and digitization, said Lindner. He spoke of a “booster” for the national economy. The cabinet is due to discuss the supplementary budget next Monday.

Additional debts are not planned, assured Lindner. Unused credit authorizations should be used. “We want to secure prosperity, growth and employment in the long term,” said the FDP politician.

60 billion cushions for next year

He also referred to a landmark ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court, which states that on the way to achieving greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050, drastic steps to reduce emissions should not be put on the back burner at the expense of the younger generation. The coalition agreement between the SPD, Greens and FDP states that the new government will develop the energy and climate fund into a “climate and transformation fund”.

In the 2021 budget, funds from credit authorizations that have already been budgeted and not used should be made available to the Climate and Transformation Fund via a supplementary budget for additional climate protection measures and measures to transform the economy. This should make it possible to make up for investments in climate protection that have not been made due to the pandemic.

The Bundestag passed a first supplementary budget for 2021 in April. To finance burdens in the pandemic, the federal government has already taken out EUR 60 billion more in loans than planned. According to “Spiegel”, of the total of 240 billion euros in debt, only 180 billion will be used this year.

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