Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, culture and arts support medium organizations and 9 excellent institutions

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, together with the Korea Culture and Arts Committee, newly certify 3 cultural and artistic mediating organizations and 6 excellent cultural and arts support organizations in accordance with the ‘Act on the Promotion of Support for Culture and Arts’. The certification ceremony will be held on December 10 (Fri) at the Yajugae Hall of the Seoul Museum of History.

The ‘Cultural Arts Sponsorship Organizations and Outstanding Organizations’ is a system that examines and certifies organizations and companies that are exemplary in the field of culture and arts. A total of 61 sites have been accredited since 2014, including nine newly accredited this time.

▲ Daegu Cultural Foundation, ▲ World Youth Culture Foundation, and ▲ Seai Unhyeong Cultural Foundation, newly selected as mediating organizations for culture and arts support this year, received high evaluations in attracting sponsorship and developing systematic support mediation programs. ▲ Seoul Prince Hotel, ▲ Starbucks Coffee Korea, ▲ NS Shopping, ▲ Woori Home Shopping (Lotte Home Shopping), ▲ KH Phillux, ▲ Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd. 6 locations are corporate resources Through various sponsorship activities, such as providing opportunities to enjoy culture using

Various benefits are provided to ‘culture and arts support medium organizations and excellent institutions’. ▲ ‘Culture and arts support agency’ receives support for planning project operation expenses for mediating culture and arts support during the certification period, and ▲ ‘Excellent agency for culture and arts support’ uses certification marks and issuance of preferential immigration cards, as well as preferential loan interest rates (small and medium-sized enterprises). , mid-sized companies), receive preferential treatment when selecting the ‘Worker Vacation Support Project’ operated by the Korea Tourism Organization.

The policy manager of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said, “The interest in corporate culture and arts support is increasing due to the effect of creating social and economic values ​​through culture and arts.” We will work harder to expand practical support benefits.”

Reporter Jeon Se-ri [email protected]

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