First direct phone call: Scholz and Biden conjure up a partnership

Status: 11.12.2021 12:34 a.m.

Chancellor Scholz and US President Biden emphasized their transatlantic friendship in a phone call. Relations between the US and Germany should be further strengthened, it said. The Ukraine crisis was also a topic.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz discussed the conflict in Ukraine with US President Joe Biden in a telephone conversation. Biden then announced on Twitter that he was looking forward to working closely together on all global challenges. “Including transatlantic efforts to address Russia’s destabilizing military deployment along the border with Ukraine,” he added.

The White House said that in the conversation Biden had emphasized his support for a “robust relationship” with Germany and further strengthening of transatlantic cooperation. Further topics of the conversation were the corona pandemic and climate change.

Biden congratulated Scholz

According to the spokesman for the federal government, Steffen Hebestreit, Biden and Scholz emphasized the close relations between Germany and the USA in the telephone conversation and confirmed their will to “consolidate and deepen them”.

They agreed that transatlantic friendship was essential for overcoming current and future challenges. Biden also congratulated Scholz on taking office.

Worry about Russian troops

Biden had exchanged views on the Ukraine conflict with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a video summit on Tuesday. Russia has gathered tens of thousands of soldiers on the border with its neighboring country, which is fueling fears in the West that the Russian army could invade Ukraine. Moscow rejects this and accuses Ukraine of provocations. In the event of an invasion, Biden threatened Putin with harsh economic sanctions.

According to Western intelligence agencies, the latest Russian troop movements towards Ukraine are directly connected to Putin’s demands. According to this, Russia wants to induce NATO by creating a threatening backdrop to exclude Ukraine from being accepted. In addition, according to the information, Moscow wants the alliance to refrain from permanently stationing troops and equipment in Ukraine, stop all military support in the country and no longer conduct any exercises in the vicinity of Russia.

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