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Gyeonggi Province held a performance report on the 10th at the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization with residents of the three regions where this year’s eco-tourism base construction project was carried out, including Sansuyu Village in Dorip-ri, Icheon.

Earlier, in April, the provincial government announced three sites as targets for the ‘2021 Ecotourism Base Creation Project’: Sansuyu Village in Dorip-ri, Icheon, Imjingang River in Samgot-ri, Yeoncheon, and Baekduncheon Stream in Baekdun-ri, Gapyeong. The provincial government has fostered a ‘resident-led ecotourism site’ that returns tourism profits to local residents based on the excellent ecological resources of the region by paying project expenses to three places.

On this day, village representatives, eco-tourism experts, and Gyeonggi Tourism Organization officials, including the head of the village, attended, and local residents directly announced the results of the project. First of all, Icheon-si Sansuyu Village ran the ‘Sansuyu Village, Bringing Autumn Colors’ event week from October 16 to November 27, and restored the traditional forest and conducted an ecological forest experience for elementary school students in the district. On November 14th, a cooking contest was held under the theme of ‘Sansuyu Table with a Story’.

Yeoncheon-gun developed a small-scale experience program for families, such as visiting the Hantan River Geopark and visiting the Peace Wetland, based on the UNESCO resources of the Imjin River, the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), and the Civilian Control Line. Gapyeong-gun announced activities such as ‘Fondang Trekking’ with the theme of trekking in a clean valley (travel while feeling nature) going up from Ujibawi Rock to Baekduncheon, and a lunchbox experience using apples, a local specialty.

Choi Yong-hoon, head of the Gyeonggi Tourism Division, said, “Even in the midst of the COVID-19 situation, special efforts have been made to create a Gyeonggi-do eco-tourism base and operate programs so that residents can find peace of mind. I will do it,” he said.

Meanwhile, the provincial eco-tourism base project has been promoted since 2019, and this year, three locations and ▲Hwaseong Ueumdo Island ▲Pyeongtaek Baramsaemaeul ▲Goyang Janghang Wetland ▲Paju Jillomok Village ▲Pocheon Hantangang Ecological Culture Experience Center ▲Gapyeong Morning Calm Green Village. is in operation

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