Cultural Heritage Administration and Riot Games Sponsorship Ceremony held

The Cultural Heritage Administration held a sponsorship agreement ceremony for 2021 together with ‘Riot Games (Korea Representative Hyuk-jin Cho)’, an online game development and service company with an agreement to protect cultural assets, at the auditorium (Gangnam-gu, Seoul) in the Riot Games office building at 3 pm on the 9th. did.

Riot Games has continued social contribution activities in the cultural heritage field for 10 years after signing the Cultural Heritage Guard Agreement in 2012 to revitalize cultural heritage conservation and management and utilization projects. ‧An additional KRW 800 million will be provided for cooperative projects. The total amount of support for cultural heritage keepers from 2012 to 2020 is about 7 billion won, the largest amount among the cultural heritage keepers contracted companies.

The sponsorship agreement ceremony was held in this order, introducing the major activities of Riot Games for 10 years, signing the sponsorship agreement, delivering donations, delivering thank-you gifts, and saying hello. As a token of appreciation for the 10 years of continuous support from the Cultural Heritage National Trust, the organization responsible for the donation, the old traditional game ‘Seunggyeongdo (陞卿圖)’, which is linked to the image of the game company, was delivered as a donation.

For reference, over the past 10 years, Riot Games has been sponsoring cultural heritage keepers ▲ along with volunteer activities of employees ▲ Joseon Buddhist paintings ‘Sakyamuni Trinity’, ‘Hyomyeong Crown Princess Jukchaek’, ‘Chunghwagungin’, ‘Baekjai Donggungmyeongsagakho’ , Return of cultural assets such as ‘Chokam Teacher’s Book’, ▲ Support for exhibition hall facilities for the original restoration project of the Korean Empire Legation in the United States, ▲ Improvement of cultural property information boards and support for three-dimensional digital archival records of ‘Seoul Museum of Literature and Sungkyunkwan’, ▲ Royal Palace of the National Palace Museum of Korea Cultural properties such as preservation of the relic ‘Nobu’, expansion and reconstruction of visitor convenience facilities and educational sites, ▲ maintenance and repair of the ‘ideal house’, a modern cultural heritage, ▲ support for the transmission of intangible cultural assets, ▲ support for management equipment for royal tombs and palaces of the Joseon Dynasty Various sponsorships were provided in the field of conservation management.

In addition, ▲ support for youth cultural heritage experience education, ▲ sponsorship for the 70th anniversary of liberation and exhibition of contents utilizing palace culture in Changgyeonggung, ▲ production of 3D digital archetypes and promotional videos for ‘Korean seowon’, ▲ support for a special exhibition of poetry collection of Kim So-wol, a registered cultural property, ▲ tradition Cultural University Cultural University Cultural Heritage Social Enterprise Youth Internship and Employment Startup Center Renovation Support, ▲ World Heritage Video Production and Promotion Support, etc., are continuing various cultural heritage protection activities. .

Riot Games’ participation and sponsorship of cultural heritage keepers is an exemplary case that contributes to the protection of cultural assets and the spread of social contribution to cultural assets. will be.

Reporter Jeon Se-ri [email protected]

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