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The vaccination campaign “#Together Against Corona – We say yes to the vaccination” is rolling. Many tourism companies have joined it. But it’s not just about encouraging a vaccination and changing your own logo, but also about practical action: More and more travel agencies are organizing vaccination campaigns in their own rooms with the support of regional health authorities.

The start was made in October by the Stoffregen travel café in Dortmund, which vaccinated 245 people in an initial campaign and has now organized a second vaccination day.

Also there is the travel agency Urlaubreif in Uslar, which recently carried out its own vaccination campaign as part of the long “Herbstzauber light” sales day. According to owner Olaf Lowak, 70 people were boosted and vaccinated for the first time in a separate area between 6 and 8 p.m.

“I think each of us has one or more doctors as customers or has customers who are friends with doctors, who are passionate about vaccinations and who sometimes take an extra shift,” Lowak recommends to other offices to think about their own actions. With him, the commitment was received positively overall.

This is also the experience at the Berndt travel agency in Burgsteinfurt. On the second Sunday in Advent, 380 people were vaccinated in four hours in the travel agency – there was also coffee, cookies and many discussions about vacation planning for 2022.

The whole thing went so well that there will be a new edition on the third Advent. The cookies for this are probably being baked right now.

Matthias Gürtler / Arne Hübner

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