95,000 people signed up for artist employment insurance in one year

Artist employment insurance, which was implemented as the first step in national employment insurance since December 10 of last year, is gradually establishing itself as a social safety net for artists.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor announced that the number of subscribers to the Employment Insurance for Artists continued to increase, and the cumulative number of insured persons exceeded 95,000 as of the 2nd, a year after the system was implemented.

As of the end of November, 109 people received job search benefits and 23 people received antenatal benefits. As the number of subscribers and the number of artists who meet the contribution requirements increases in the future, it is expected that the number of artists receiving salary benefits will increase.

Looking at the status of artists who have signed up for employment insurance so far, 48,000 (50.8%) artists with a contract period of one month or more and 47,000 (49.2%) short-term artists with a contract period of less than one month.

In addition, it was found that, on average, about 25,000 people per month who contracted for more than a month were engaged in contract activities related to cultural and artistic services.

By culture and arts field, broadcasting and entertainment 28.7%, music 16.4%, film 10.9%, theater 9.4%, Korean traditional music 5.1%, and art 4.4% were in order. In the beginning, the proportion of insured persons in fields where performing activities were difficult due to COVID-19 was relatively small.

However, as sales in the performance industry are recovering, the proportion of insured persons in the performing arts sector is also increasing from 12.2% in February last year to 34.1% in December this year.

The average monthly remuneration by culture and arts field showed a high trend centered on industrially developed fields such as movies 5.43 million won and entertainment 4.39 million won, and the average for all fields was 3.03 million won.

By age, 35.6% in their 30s, 30.2% in their 20s and younger, and 20.9% in their 40s were in the order of age, and by region, Seoul 65.9%, Gyeonggi 12.3%, Busan 2.5%, and Daegu 2.1% reported the highest number of cases.

Meanwhile, the government minimized initial trial and error by collecting opinions of artists and business owners and experts, and conducting non-face-to-face education at all times so that the system could be settled on site.

In addition, in order to vitalize the participation of artists in employment insurance, we are supporting the establishment of the practice of writing contracts in the arts and culture industry through electronic contract signing services and education and counseling related to written contracts.

In addition, the burden of reporting to insurance clerks for business owners was reduced by supporting agencies that act on behalf of reporting tasks such as signing up for employment insurance for artists.

In particular, it plans to continuously expand the coverage of employment insurance to all workers, including workers with special types of workers.

In addition, through a fact-finding survey and collection of opinions from the parties, additional occupations that may be eligible for employment insurance for special types of workers will be reviewed so that they can join from July of next year.

Prior to this, the employment insurance for special types of workers, which was implemented from July 1, has more than 530,000 subscribers within five months of its implementation.

Employment Minister Ahn Gyeong-deok said, “We will continue to monitor the operation of the employment insurance for artists and make efforts to ensure that more artists can benefit from the employment insurance. We will proceed with the insurance roadmap without any setbacks,” he emphasized.

For details on artist employment insurance, visit the Artist Subscription Department (☎1588-0075 or 02-6945-0650) at the Seoul Special Workers’ Center, Korea Labor Welfare Corporation. 02-3668-0258).

Reporter Lee So-mi [email protected]


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