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Symbols may have their justification and even have an effect, for example when Annalena Baerbock takes the train to Brussels instead of the plane on her first trip as Foreign Minister or Greta Thunberg nods at politicians with her now famous “How Dare You ?!” speech. It remains to be seen whether goals can be achieved in this way. In the case of yesterday’s decisions on compulsory vaccination for health workers, there are also great doubts that these are more than just symbols.

First of all: There is a lot of applause in the population for the compulsory long-term vaccination, which is practically the start of a major plan that should ensure that the vaccination rate increases from 70 to around 85 percent from spring (because the rest are children under 13 Years and others who are advised not to have a vaccination). But will you reach those who have refused so far? Assuming that one can expect certain medical expertise from nursing and health workers, those who have decided against vaccination will hardly be convincing. Not even through fines or professional bans.

Rather, the consequence could be: The care sector, which is already suffering from personnel shortages, could continue to bleed out if people who are not vaccinated are either suspended, now increasingly sick or looking for a new job. Interestingly, all warnings from those who certainly do not belong to the circle of aluminum hats were ignored. The German Foundation for Patient Protection is urgent: If, as in Great Britain, ten percent of the geriatric care staff fail to be vaccinated, between 100,000 and 120,000 employees could no longer be employed in geriatric care. Concerns that were also shared by Jens Spahn or the federal government’s authorized nurse.

The core of the fundamental rights that lawyers cite on the subject will not be discussed here. The effects will mainly be seen in practice – especially since a mandatory vaccination suggests that the “Piks” is still the free ticket for normality. But even nursing staff who have been vaccinated must not feel safe. The mask and regular tests are not replaced.

The first vote under the traffic light government is followed by a measure of dubious value. The half-life of the resolution could be short. After all, what use is compulsory vaccination if it turns out that the current vaccines do not provide good protection against Omikron or the next variant? / Bernd Loskant

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