▷ Stephan Brandner: Compulsory vaccination is unconstitutional!

10.12.2021 – 15:48

AfD – alternative for Germany

Berlin (ots)

Today, Friday, the German Bundestag decided in the second and third reading that people in the medical and nursing professions should be vaccinated. Stephan Brandner, lawyer and deputy federal spokesman for Alternative für Deutschland, categorically rejects such a compulsory vaccination, be it for certain professional groups or the general population, as unconstitutional.

“The introduction of a compulsory vaccination is simply unconstitutional. It means a de facto professional ban for unvaccinated members of the affected professional groups. The loss of staff in hospitals, in outpatient medical care, but also in old people’s and nursing homes, leads to a further massive loss of staff come, there is a threat of an undersupply, which can bring the system, which is already under pressure, to collapse. Initially, applause was given for the staff, but today, after two years of massive effort, they are forced to vaccinate. That must and cannot be. Leaders Politicians of the Ampelkoalition, such as Lindner, Scholz and Baerbock, categorically ruled out compulsory vaccination a few weeks ago. They deceived the voters and the professional groups now affected and sneaked their votes in order to introduce compulsory vaccination today. This behavior is pathetic. The AfD on the other hand, for the given word it says: There must be no compulsory vaccination, “affirmed Brandner in conclusion.

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