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10.12.2021 – 07:06

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Real estate rents are on the rise. Many older people use it to fulfill their lifelong dreams, finance care or top up their pensions. Immorente.de uses sample calculations to show how much money is in it.

“The amount of the real estate rent depends on various factors,” says Dr. Georg F. Doll from Immorente.de. “In any case, this includes the age of the owner, the value of the property and the selected pension model. Of course, it also depends on the conditions that result from the individual contract. It is therefore worthwhile to compare different products.”

Compare using sample calculations

With an annuity, the property is sold in full. The owners receive a lifelong right of residence as well as a monthly pension or – less often – a one-off payment. The amount of the annuity depends on the current value of the property as well as the sex and age of the seller: the older he is at the time of sale, the higher the monthly pension – or the one-off payment – can be. For example, a woman at the age of 75 could receive almost 900 euros per month for a property worth 300,000 euros until the end of her life.

One-time payment or monthly installment

In the case of partial sales, however, a maximum of half of the house is sold. The owners are also allowed to continue to use this part. For this they pay a monthly rent to the buyer. For the portion of the house sold, they receive a one-off payment. For a property worth 300,000 euros, that would be 150,000 euros as a one-off payment. The monthly rent to be paid would – depending on the individual contract – be around 360 euros.

The reverse mortgage – also known as a real estate consumption loan – is a bank loan for which the property serves as security. The loan is repaid by selling the property if the owners move out or die. No interest or principal payments have to be made during lifetime. In addition, with the reverse mortgage, the owners benefit 100 percent from an increase in the value of their property, because it remains completely in their ownership. A 75-year-old woman could expect a payout of almost 700 euros per month for a property worth 300,000 euros. After 15 years, these payments would encumber the property at slightly more than half the market value.

Real estate annuity calculator and product finder online

on www.immorente.de interested parties can calculate free of charge how much money they would receive with which form of real estate rent.

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Immorente.de is the online portal of WIR WohnImmobilienRente GmbH. It is aimed at people over 65 years of age who want to benefit from the value of their owner-occupied property. WIR WohnImmobilienRente GmbH offers you personal advice and offers for annuities, partial sales, reverse mortgages and real estate loans. www.immorente.de

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