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10.12.2021 – 15:30

Provinzial Holding AG

Münster / Düsseldorf (ots)

After the successful merger of Provinzial NordWest and Provinzial Rheinland to form the Provinzial Group, the two largest property and casualty insurers in the group, Provinzial Rheinland Versicherung and Westfälische Provinzial Versicherung, are now merging to form Provinzial Versicherung. This step creates the sixth largest insurer in this segment in Germany.

The merger will bring together the strengths of two already extremely successful regional insurers in order to meet customer needs and the digital transformation even better. The fact that the two largest composite insurers in the Provinzial Group are now merging is just the next logical step. “It grows together what belongs together, because after all, the two ‘green’ Provinzial insurers have an almost identical brand identity and, as regional insurers, have the same DNA”, emphasizes the CEO of Provinzial, Dr. Wolfgang Breuer. “Everyone involved will benefit from the merger – our customers, sales partners, owners and employees,” continues Breuer.

Thanks to the combined strength and financial strength, Provinzial is even more stable for the future. With leaner structures and concentrated innovative strength paired with 300 years of experience, close roots in the regions and competent service, the company is strengthening its market position in the long term. With 1,071 branches and 97 savings banks active in the insurance business, Provinzial Versicherung is wherever its customers are. From this lived closeness, people have developed a high level of trust and identification with “their” insurance company over generations.

With the entry in the commercial register, the insurance landscape in Germany will have a strong and innovative insurer retrospectively from January 1, 2021, which will at the same time continue to rely on its strong regional ties. This solidarity is not only reflected in the regional proximity, but the general interest for all people and the common good has always been part of the conception of the Provinzial as a public insurer. Because a sense of responsibility towards the people in the regions is a natural part of thinking and acting, in every business area, at all levels of the company.

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