▷ Luna, Max and Sunny are the most popular horse names

10.12.2021 – 07:30


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  • Noble and curious horse names: Lady, Prince, Chewbacca and Strawberry
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Luna, Max and Sunny – these are the most popular horse names in Germany. This was the result of a review of all horse insurances taken out with CHECK24. A look at the top ten also shows that common first names are often chosen for horses, e. B. Bella, Moritz or Ronja.1)

The preference for a particular name also depends on the breed of horse. While the names Luna for mares and Max for stallions are in the foreground for German riding horses, female Haflingers are most often called Mona. The German riding pony is most often called Candy (female) or Sunny (male).

There are differences in naming between owners: Sam, Ronja and Filou are only among the ten most popular first names among women. Men more often choose Stella, Felix or Amigo.

Noble and curious horse names: Lady, Prince, Chewbacca and Strawberry

Many horse names have a noble character. Lady, Don, Prinz or King are particularly popular. Lady and Don often appear in conjunction with other names, e.g. B. Lady Di, Lady Gaga or Don Camillo.

The evaluation of the favorite names also revealed some curiosities. E.g. horse names with pop culture references such as Chewbacca, Das Sams or Little Uncle. Food also gives horses their names, which are then called apple pie, brandy or strawberry, for example.

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1) Detailed information on consideration with further results: https://www.check24.de/pferdeversicherung/die-beliebtesten-pferdenamen/

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