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10.12.2021 – 08:10

Guilty Verlag

Neubrandenburg (ots)

A funny book that brings joy and relaxation and is perfect as a gift? Here we have something: “Doctor Onkel” is the name of the new work by the author Senta Meyer. Constant grins and hearty laughter alternate when reading the 236 pages. Promised!

Most men think it’s great to be the uncle of nieces and nephews. But are they called “uncle” with a family name? It’s not that exciting, because sayings, confusions and mishaps are more or less inevitable. It’s entertaining for outsiders, but not really for Tom Uncle himself. And this book by the author Senta Meyer is about exactly his story.

As a little boy Tom wanted any other last name, but just not Uncle. If his name was Meier, Schmitt or Schulze, his classmates would never call after him: “Uncle Tom is going to his hut”, not to mention other puns. It gets better with time, the father reassured the son. As an adult, all those phrases would be over, he would be respected, respected and even proud of his last name. But it turned out differently because he was studying medicine and becoming a doctor. From then on, it wasn’t just the children who addressed him as “Uncle Doctor”.

He met his wife when she came to the hospital with suspected appendicitis. How the first meeting went, for what reason a thong can be life-saving, what is it with loving hedgehogs or why a Hungarian can destroy careers with his “intervertebral disc” and let dreams burst – learn all this (and a lot more) the readers in this amusing story from the middle of life. Just worth reading.

The book by the author Senta Meyer with the title “Doktor Onkel”, published by Guilty Verlag, costs 14.50 euros and can be downloaded directly from the Publishing website be ordered. Further works by the author that have been published by Guilty Verlag: “The Marionette Player”, “The Magician”, “The Queen”, “The Witch” and “The Marionettes”.

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