▷ Julian Assange is also not above the right / comment of Sebastian Kaiser

10.12.2021 – 22:22

badish newspaper

Freiburg (ots)

(…) Assange’s contribution is undoubtedly to have created a – albeit controversial – global disclosure platform with Wikileaks, which has made numerous grievances public. Above all, secret reports on disturbing US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, for the publication of which he is now threatened with trial in the USA. But those who now claim that a investigative journalist has been made a political prisoner should not make it easy for themselves. (…) In view of the rampant furor, it should be remembered that it was not a randomly thrown tribunal that decided on his extradition, but a proper British court. (…) Nevertheless, the public and the media should pay close attention to what standards the US judiciary is applying to the oversized Assange – should his rendition actually take place. http://mehr.bz/vi6zv4b (BZ-Plus)

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