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MILAN, Italy, Feb. 28 / PRNewswire /

ITsART, the new streaming platform for Italian culture, today unveiled its very first Christmas TV program for 2021, including the magical story of the world’s first ice cello sculpture, the best operas and the most beautiful Christmas concerts.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture, the TVOD service will spoil viewers this Christmas season with three brand new “festive” programs on its platform, in which people from 28 European countries can enjoy an abundance of Christmas splendor and entertainment, all of which are available on demand .

Documentaries that have to be seenis a premier selection of inspiring stories from some of Italy’s most brilliant minds who made history, including the life of Artemisia Gentileschi, the first female artist in art history, Caravaggio – The power of light, an insight into some of his masterpieces, and The Last Movie Painter, the journey through the world of Renato Casaro, one of the most important living illustrators in the film industry.

N-Ice Cello: History of the Ice Cello (2021) is an extraordinary film about the story of an ice cello’s journey from the Alps to the Mediterranean, which plays in a magical way and makes viewers think about climate change. The cello, which was built by the world-famous American artist Tim Linhart with the water of the Presena Glacier at 2,800 m altitude in Trentino, is transported with great difficulty in order to keep it at a constant temperature below zero. The aim is to reach Palermo on the other side of the boot to take part in the Politeama Theater with the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra on the world premiere of an original score for ice cello and string orchestra, created by the Palermo musician Giovanni Sollima. The world-famous Italian cellist and composer is internationally known for his extraordinary talent to communicate through his unique music, which combines Mediterranean rhythms with a typical Italian melodic vein and at the same time unites all epochs, from baroque to metal.

Operas under the mistletoeoffers a selection of the most beautiful operas of all time: Falstaff, La Traviata, Thus Do They All, The Barber of Seville, The Maid Turned Mistress and Madama Butterfly performed in famous Italian theaters such as the Teatro la Fenice in Venice and the Teatro Regio in Turin.

Christmas soundtrackis a collection of indispensable concerts such as Ennio Morricone’s homage InCanto of a Myth, Antonio Vivaldi’s Christmas Concert and the New Years Concert, played by the Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra.

the CEO von ITsART, Guido Casali, said: “For our first Christmas celebration, we wanted to spoil the audience with a spectacular program of entertainment shows and specials that will bring friends and families across Europe together over Christmas and New Years. There are a number of on-demand programs that captivate viewers and give them the choice of when and where to watch them. From the best operas and entertainment programs to non-fiction, art and music programs and documentaries, this year’s ITsART program promises to enchant and delight him. “

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