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10.12.2021 – 10:08

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Since January 1, 2020, the three training courses in the nursing areas of nursing, geriatric care and children’s nursing have been replaced with training as a nurse. The aim of the merger was to make work in nursing more attractive and to reduce the shortage of skilled workers in the industry. Recruiting expert Jann Kaporse has analyzed whether this is possible with the new training and what disadvantages it entails – and has come to a clear conclusion.

The professions of health and nurses, health and pediatric nurses and geriatric nurses have been merged into the job description of a nurse and are intended to facilitate the switch between nursing, child nursing and care for the elderly. In addition, a broader field of activity is to be opened up for the specialists and, in contrast to the previous training, they will receive remuneration. A total of 53,610 people had completed the combined training as nursing staff at the end of 2020. However, in 2019/2020 there were still 71,271 in all training courses combined.

Jann Kaporse: “These facts sound positive at first, but this new training will lead to fewer and fewer young people in the care industry. Instead of strengthening the industry, it will only be weakened in this way: Because many mobile care services are no longer capable because they do not meet the requirements. They lack the employees who have the necessary skills for the training. ”

Since the trainees also have to spend some time in the hospital in order to cover all topics in the generalized training, nursing homes do not want to offer this training either. Your trainees would ultimately spend less time in the nursing home and make personnel planning and familiarization with the system more difficult. In addition, many old people’s homes are afraid that their trainees will want to stay in the varied hospitals afterwards, especially since they expect a higher salary there.

“In these cases, the old people’s homes would have invested time and money in vain training for a specialist who then shows no interest in the training facility – so they prefer not to offer the training at all. Since the hospitals do not offer enough training anyway, there is no such thing new training even more trainees and skilled workers on the market. The combined training creates more problems than solutions for the care industry “, explains Jann Kaporse.

For the experts, the solution looks like this: “The new training system cannot be changed overnight. In principle, the industry must therefore understand that care will not work without training. The current figures reveal that the amount of Trainees are not even enough to cover the employees who retire annually. Hospitals in particular need to understand that they should train more people than they need themselves, because if they don’t, they will have to admit many more patients in the future Because they can no longer be adequately cared for in the old people’s home. A merger of the training centers can also have very positive effects for the future: For example, training can be carried out on a scale so that sufficient nursing staff are also available to the old people’s homes Campaign can be helpful to reach the younger target audience We want to counteract the shortage of skilled workers and put training in a positive light, “explains Jann Kaporse.

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Jann Kaporse and Alexander Grüssmer are the founders of the Braunschweig-based High Office IT GmbH. With their unique mix of recruiting and software development, they have made it their business to give organizations the opportunity to hire the best and not the next best candidates. To do this, they use a self-developed method of performance recruiting to activate passive applicants and thus increase the flow of skilled workers.

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