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10.12.2021 – 19:32

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

Cologne (ots)

The former head of the Federal Chancellery, Helge Braun, has rejected speculation that he had been encouraged by ex-Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel to run for the CDU federal chairmanship. “The speculations about whether I was sent by Angela Merkel are nonsense,” said Braun to the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” (Saturday edition). It is part of Merkel’s style that you hold back a lot. “That was also the case this time when I ran for the CDU chairmanship. Some of the claims made on social media borders on conspiracy theories,” said Braun. He worked long and closely with the former Chancellor. “We appreciate each other very much, that’s why I hope for your vote,” said Braun.

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