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10.12.2021 – 10:46

bpa – Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services eV

Berlin (ots)

Since the beginning of the pandemic, just as important and challenging work has been done in the facilities for people with disabilities as in the care facilities. The Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services eV (bpa) therefore demands that the new care bonus planned for next year also be paid to the employees in the integration assistance facilities.

“The bonus is intended to be recognition of the outstanding performance that nursing staff in Germany performed during the pandemic. The new federal government rightly states this in its coalition agreement,” says bpa executive committee member Christof Schaefers. “In the integration assistance facilities, it was also the committed employees who protected the vulnerable people entrusted to them from infections, gave them personal attention even during the lockdown phases, and took on additional tasks to cope with pandemics when their personal stress increased. They are not pandemic heroes 2 . Class.”

Integration assistance facilities have been entrusted with the same tasks as the care facilities to protect against infection. “They have been mentioned again and again in political decisions, but have so far received no concrete signals of appreciation,” criticized Schaefers. “The federal government must not forget the employees of the integration assistance with this bonus again.”

The Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services eV (bpa), with more than 12,000 active member institutions, is the largest advocacy group for private providers of social services in Germany. Private facilities for outpatient and (partially) inpatient care, assistance for the handicapped and child and youth welfare are systemically relevant part of the general interest. As a good example of public-private partnership, the members of the bpa are responsible for around 365,000 jobs and around 27,000 training positions (see www.youngpropflege.de or www.facebook.com/Youngpropflege). Investments in social infrastructure are around 29 billion euros.

Press contact:

Norbert Grote, Bernd Tews, BPA Managing Director, Tel .: 030/30 87 88 60, www.bpa.de

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