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10.12.2021 – 14:49

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Berlin (ots)

The London High Court chose Human Rights Day to slap them in the face. He overturned a ruling according to which Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the US judiciary on humanitarian grounds. The judges now consider it secondary that the Wikileaks founder is expected to face a political process and an absurdly high sentence in the United States, that inhuman conditions continue to prevail in the US prisons, that continued solitary confinement could ultimately bring Assange to death as white torture .

The decision is a sad indication that the UK is moving away from its own and European rule of law traditions after Brexit. The verdict cushions against arbitrary government made in the USA. It is a cold shower for all defenders of an independent press. After all, Assange has not been prosecuted for ordinary crimes, but for years for having published material on war operations in Iraq and Afghanistan that brought the crimes of the US military to light. For this, the 50-year-old Australian is branded a spy and his head is challenged. With a signal effect: Investigative journalism, which cannot get to the best-kept secrets without whistleblowers or hackers, should not stick its nose too deeply into the affairs of the powerful.

Assange is now threatened with extradition by a country that is itself deeply involved in the US-waged wars. The Biden government is continuing to follow Trump’s line in the cause. A transfer to the US judiciary would be there, no matter how long Assange goes to jail. Above all, it’s about satisfaction and a show of power: Nobody who messes with the USA can escape their long arm within their sphere of influence. The new German Foreign Minister is welcome to test her values-based approach on friends: Annalena Baerbock, take over!

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