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10.12.2021 – 15:11

Unilumin Group

Shenzhen, China (ots/PRNewswire)

The world’s leading LED company, Unilumin Group, based in Shenzhen, made a public announcement. Unilumin chairman Lin Mingfeng signed an agreement to donate his private capital in the form of 11 million Unilumin shares (which are worth nearly 100 million RMB after the transaction price on settlement day) to the Unilumin Foundation for charity.

In an open letter, Lin Mingfeng explained the intention of the donation. He mentioned the tough rural experiences of his childhood and attributes his success to the open politics in China and the support from his colleagues. He hopes to illuminate rural streets with street lights provided by Unilumin’s leadership in LED lighting and display, to give back to society.

In addition to the donation from the chairman, the Unilumin Group has always been committed to CSR. For example, to fight Covid-19, Unilumin has set up a global foundation that is endowed with 5 million yuan and materials.

At the beginning of 2017, Lin Mingfeng and his colleagues had the idea to get involved for the common good and then founded the Unilumin Foundation in Shenzhen. Since then, he has established that the Unilumin Foundation is a platform for Unilumin’s stakeholders to showcase their philanthropy and thus make the Foundation bloom. He then decided to donate his private capital in the form of 11 million Unilumin shares to the Unilumin Foundation in order to enrich the foundation’s capital pool and to motivate more Unilumin employees to get involved in charity.

Lin Mingfeng said he has primary responsibility for running the company well and providing great products and services to Unilumin’s customers while upholding ESG responsibilities. In the future, the Unilumin Foundation will focus on “revitalizing rural areas, medical aid, supporting students and teachers” and striving for an innovative model for the common good for sustainable development.


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