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10.12.2021 – 14:33


Berlin (ots)

On the statements of the new State Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Sven Giegold, who wants to speed up the expansion of renewable energies with changes in EU nature conservation law, explains Olaf Bandt, Chairman of the Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND):

“Together with us, Sven Giegold defended bird protection and other nature protection directives in Europe. He would do well to do the same in Germany in order to comply with the coalition agreement. EU nature protection is not an obstacle to the energy turnaround.

Tightening laws does not accelerate the environmentally friendly expansion of renewable energies. Better staffing, digitization and reliable standards as well as early public participation are necessary. This is confirmed by the Advisory Council for Environmental Issues as well as by practitioners and energy producers. We want to see green deeds there. Giegold’s advance will help neither the urgently needed acceleration in the expansion of renewables nor the protection of nature. ”

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