▷ Berlin Senator for Health Kalayci: Child vaccinations start in large vaccination centers

10.12.2021 – 08:40

rbb – Broadcasting Berlin-Brandenburg

Berlin (ots)

In Berlin, not all vaccination centers have yet been prepared for the start of the corona vaccination for children from 5 years of age. The vaccinations for younger children in the large centers are due to start next Wednesday (December 15th), but the use of the mobile vaccination teams in schools is not yet clear. That said the managing Berlin Senator for Health Dilek Kalayci on Friday in the inforadio of the rbb.

“Schools also have to say ‘Yes, we want that’. [Wir sind] in coordination with the district councilors again today. We don’t have all the districts together. But I’m really still very optimistic that we will start with at least one school in one district. And of course vaccinations in the zoo, in the FEZ leisure center and in the natural history museum will also start next week. ”

Kalayci emphasized that the children’s vaccinations were not at the expense of the booster and initial vaccinations for adults: “We have also built up extra capacities for children. […] We really have no time to lose. ”

The Standing Vaccination Commission yesterday recommended vaccination for children with previous illnesses and those around risk patients. Parents can also have their children vaccinated in other ways if they wish.

“The parents have to decide whether or not to have my child vaccinated. The vaccine is approved for children and I was really pleased that Stiko put the addition here, children without previous illnesses can also be vaccinated if they so wish,” said Kalayci . The SPD politician added: “I hope that many paediatricians will also comply with the parents’ wish to have their child vaccinated.”

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