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10.12.2021 – 12:13

MDR Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

Leipzig (ots)

MDR author Thomas Kasper has been documenting the life of the homeless at Leipzig Central Station for five years. The fourth episode should be a happy ending. But do Sigi, Heiko and Co manage to live without alcohol and drugs? Answers are provided by the report “Begging, drinking, dying – never again alcohol?” From the series “Exakt – Die Story” – to be seen from now on in the ARD media library and on Wednesday, December 15 “at 8.45 pm on MDR television .

They have tried several times to get their lives under control again: the homeless from Leipzig Central Station. There are drug addicts, alcoholics, stranded teenagers.

Sigi, for example. His father was wealthy and owned real estate. He bequeathed it to Sigi. But because Sigi’s life has been out of balance for a long time, his life planning only extends until the next bottle of beer. He cannot regulate his inheritance matters. After his body rebelled against the ongoing alcohol intoxication, he pulled the emergency brake. Cold withdrawal, self-organized and self-monitored.

He’s not the only one who has stopped drinking. Buddy Dave no longer drinks either, and Heiko from Altenburg is also away from the bottle. Last year, Heiko showed how high his daily alcohol consumption was at the train station: a case of beer and a bottle of pepper. In the summer of 2021, author Thomas Kasper will meet the 39-year-old again in Bad Klosterlausnitz. He’s there for therapy. Will they all hold out?

How difficult it is for many to get along on the street without alcohol is also shown by the fates of Melanie and Nadine.

All episodes previously broadcast on the homeless at Leipzig Central Station and the new fourth episode are now available for viewing in the ARD media library:

1st episode: “Begging, drinking, dying – homeless people at the main station 2018”

2nd episode: “Begging, drinking, dying – homeless people at the main station 2019”

3rd episode: “Begging, drinking, dying – of life on the street”

4th episode: “Bed, drink, die – never again alcohol?”

In his films, MDR author Thomas Kasper provides an insight into the scene of drug addicts and alcoholics at Leipzig Central Station – always at eye level and with respect for the protagonists. The videos were on the MDR Investigative YouTube Channel so far more than five million times accessed.

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