▷ Bayernpartei: Berlin – a bottomless pit

10.12.2021 – 11:03

Bavaria Party

Munich (ots)

Berlin – the capital of the Federal Republic. If one reads about the federal capital in the press, the advantages are usually highlighted: Berlin is a seething cultural center, the “founding capital”, and the only world-famous metropolis in the republic.

The fact that the whole ghost is mainly financed on credit is much less common. Berlin’s debt level was 63.7 billion euros at the end of 2020, a lonely record. People in Berlin think very little of consolidation or saving; if necessary, loans are outsourced to “shadow households”, for example when state-owned companies incur debts. For which, however, the taxpayers are ultimately liable again.

The whole thing has reached such proportions that even the state’s own audit office is now calling for a reduction in debt. A thorn in the side of the Court of Auditors is a “pandemic-related borrowing” of 7.3 billion euros (which corresponds to the debt repayments of the last 8 years). At this point, it is hardly surprising that parts of this loan were not used to cushion the effects of a pandemic, but were used, for example, for university renovations.

And also the blooming dreams of the new red-red-green Senate, such as pre-emptive rights for real estate or cultural funding for even the most remote “projects”, will ultimately be allowed to shoulder the taxpayers of the whole of Germany. And because of the redistribution mechanisms, the lion’s share will come from Bavaria.

This is a scandal for the Bavarian Party, according to the comment of the state chairman Florian Weber: “I can only repeat myself at this point. I would like that we simply don’t care what money is spent on in Berlin. For dancing raccoons or LED lighting for the Spree, we shouldn’t have to care.

But the renaming of the state financial equalization has of course not led to any improvement. Bavarian tax money continues to flow far too much towards the federal capital. We have enough of our own construction sites in Bavaria. It is therefore by no means understandable that the Berlin “free beer for everyone” policy is still being paid for from Bavaria. Berlin is and will remain a bottomless pit. ”

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