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10.12.2021 – 11:59

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More and more companies are relying on so-called influencers for their advertising. In this way, they hope to benefit from a wide range and to reach young people. “The young target group in particular spends more and more time on social media. Therefore, craft businesses can not only work with social media marketing, but also go one step further and do influencer marketing,” explains Christian Keller.

Keller is a recruiting expert for craft businesses. In the following he reveals what exactly an influencer is and how companies in the trade can reach the younger target group in this way.

This is what defines an influencer

An influencer in the classic sense is initially a person who publishes content on a specific topic via social channels at regular intervals. It is characterized by the fact that it has a high reach, in other words: Many people follow it and see what the influencer is reporting about. Working with an influencer can be particularly useful for companies because you can present products to so many people. But what does this marketing strategy look like in the trade?

“In the trade you have to use influencer marketing differently. It is not enough, for example, to hold a product in the camera and the influencer shares a contribution,” explains Christian Keller. Rather, it is more important in the skilled trades to find real employees who are motivated to stay with the company in the long term. For an external person, in this case the influencer, it is difficult to really put yourself in the position of a craft business. That is why he can hardly deliver good content that craft businesses can use on social platforms, says Keller. On the other hand, he sees a good alternative in a corporate influencer. “This is an internal employee who creates articles and presents the company authentically,” explains Keller.

Corporate Influencer – Why Should Every Business Have One?

Whether the plasterer Felix or the roofer Chiara work as corporate influencers – they particularly attract a young target group such as trainees, because they find such authentic contributions interesting. The corporate influencers offer interested parties the opportunity to get to know the activities and to get a precise idea of ​​the work.

The corporate influencers present the craft industry convincingly, make themselves attractive to young people and strengthen the image of the industry. “Companies must note that not only the trainee can be a corporate influencer. All employees who have a keen interest in social media and want to show what they do at work can take on this extra position,” explains Christian Basement, cellar.

Companies should also note that the activity of corporate influencer can also be remunerated if you consider that it is an advertising service. Ideally, you should also create your own profile, which is also secured when the employee leaves the company.

How does influencer marketing work?

This type of marketing is great for sharing projects, references and internal work life with followers. The company can design the content both professionally and personally. In addition, it is possible to increase the reach with the help of the corporate influencer – paid advertising can be used for this. “In my experience, the best advertisements are those that have already worked well beforehand. These topics can then be adopted in terms of content,” says Christian Keller.

Benefits of influencer marketing

The newly gained reach through the corporate influencer offers the company new potential for attention and thus access to many new candidates who are interested in the industry. In addition to recruiting employees, customer acquisition also benefits from the newly gained reach, as increased visibility also attracts customers.

If you want to use the opportunity to network with other companies, you can also use influencer marketing to do so. However, caution is advised here, as dependency can develop quickly. It is not always advisable to buy a huge reach or influencer posts. Keller explains this by saying that these influencers are external. That makes it more complex for the company: In the case of influencers who do not come from the industry, you have to make sure that they are informed about the industry, have a professional background and are willing to provide added value in a joint contribution.

About Christian Keller:

Finally employing qualified employees who are motivated to work for the company – that is what many craft businesses want. Christian Keller from Kellerdigital is an expert in personnel online marketing and enables specialist companies in the trade to do just that. He and his team create advertising campaigns that attract employees and know exactly which tricks will lead to more applicants.

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