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10.12.2021 – 13:10

CSU parliamentary group in the Bavarian state parliament

Munich (ots)

The parliamentary groups of CSU and FREIEN VÄHLERN are committed to ensuring that in future students can complete exams and practical training phases using the 3G rules. According to the will of the government groups, this transitional regulation is to apply from now until the end of the winter semester. The corresponding joint application has been submitted to the state parliament. In it, the state government is requested to change the 15th Infection Protection Measures Ordinance accordingly as soon as possible. The 2G rule for face-to-face operation has been in effect for universities since November 24, and currently 3G-Plus with PCR test for exams.

In addition the university policy spokesman for the CSU parliamentary group, Robert Brannekämper:

“With the 2G regulation, we effectively exclude many international students. Because they have often been immunized with a vaccine that is not approved in Germany. Because the internships in art, sport, music and medicine are often taught about exam-relevant material, the students lose now possibly a whole semester because they have not been allowed to participate since the end of November. Even for those who were vaccinated late, the 2-G rule means unnecessary hardship. We want our students to continue their studies despite Corona 3G is a practicable solution here. This also applies to the exams, because 3G-Plus causes trouble because of the high costs and overburdened laboratories. Currently 90 percent of our students are already vaccinated. However, to continue to provide an incentive to vaccinate to give, the regulation should only apply until the end of the winter semester. “

In addition the university policy spokesman for the FREE VOTERS parliamentary group Dr. Hubert Faltermeier:

“For us FREE VOTERS in the Bavarian State Parliament, it is important to keep access to academic education and classroom teaching at Bavarian colleges and universities as open as possible, even during the corona pandemic. This applies in particular to exams and university educational offers that are not or only very limited in the Digital format can be implemented.

A change in the 15th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance to the 3G regulation must also be accompanied by appropriate distance and hygiene measures in order not to endanger the health of students and university staff. Only in this way can we guarantee safe operation, prevent delays in study progress and enable students to successfully complete the semester that has just started. ”

Press contact:

Ursula Hoffmann
Press spokeswoman for the CSU parliamentary group
Phone: 089/4126-2496
Telefax: 089/4126-69496
Email: [email protected]

Dirk Oberjasper
Press spokesman for the FREE VOTER parliamentary group
Phone: 089/4126-2941
Telefax: 089/4126-1643
Email: [email protected]

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