First International Flights Depart Regina, Saskatoon Since The Start of the COVID-19 Pandemic | The Canadian News

Friday was a day some travelers at Regina International Airport have been dreaming of for months. Lined up with their suitcases and handbags ready to check-in, a handful of these passengers were even spotted wearing shorts and sandals despite the sub-double-digit weather outside. It is because these travelers were preparing to fly to Mexico for […]

The Network Readiness Index 2021 (NRI), the World’s Most Comprehensive Digital Readiness Diagnostic Assessments

NRI 2021 is the third edition of a revamped NRI model, addressing current concerns of trust, governance, inclusion and impact on the SDG targets. It has provided, and continues to provide, a methodological framework that identifies the factors that enable national economies to fully benefit from advances in information and communication technology (ICT). The NRI […]

Saskatchewan Restaurant Owners Prepare for Rising Food Prices Next Year | The Canadian News

The recently released Canada Food Price Report shows an increase in food prices in 2022. According to the report, several provinces are expected to experience higher-than-average food inflation rates in 2022, including Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. Higher food prices are likely due to inflationary conditions specific to these regions. In […]

Toronto Public Health Asks Attendees Of Dec. 5 Raptors Game To Monitor For COVID Symptoms After Masai Ujiri Tests Positive

Toronto Public Health says it is working with the organizers of the weekend gala where Raptors Vice President and President Masai Ujiri is believed to have contracted COVID-19, in order to assess the potential risks to other guests. “We are aware of this situation and have followed our standard process,” said TPH spokesperson Lenore Bromley. […]