Rules for novice drivers: Transport ministers are planning tightening

Status: 07.12.2021 9:18 a.m.

The traffic light coalition wants to enable the driver’s license at the age of 16. According to a newspaper report, the novice drivers could face significant tightening: Among other things, the extension of the probationary period is under discussion.

The transport ministers are apparently planning to reform the rules for novice drivers. This emerges from a proposed resolution for the federal and state transport ministers’ conference that will meet at the end of this week, as reported by the “Rheinische Post”. The aim is to ensure more safety with a view to young drivers.

The discussion is therefore to extend the trial period for novice drivers from two to three years. A reduction of one year should be possible if novice drivers voluntarily complete two “feedback drives” of 90 minutes each around four months after receiving their driver’s license. Another option is to be special driver safety training.

Train early on for dangers in traffic

According to the proposed resolution, a new federal-state working group is to implement the reform in concrete terms by spring 2022, reports the newspaper. The background is that young road users still have by far the highest risk of accidents in road traffic – despite the “accompanied driving from 17”, the driving license on probation and the alcohol ban for novice drivers, which has been in force since 2007.

According to the “Rheinischer Post”, the reform could also be necessary because the SPD, Greens and FDP want to enable a driver’s license at the age of 16. According to the coalition agreement, young people should be trained for the dangers of road traffic at an early stage.

ADAC supports the plans

The SPD negotiator responsible for the “Mobility” coalition working group, Saarland’s Transport Minister Anke Rehlinger, told the “Rheinische Post” that the transport ministers’ reform plans were a good fit for this new federal government’s project. “Longer assisted driving practice leads to more experience when you are alone at the wheel.”

The ADAC supports the plans to allow accompanied driving from the age of 16. “With this measure, the learning period can be doubled and the risk of accidents for novice drivers can be further reduced thanks to greater driving experience,” said ADAC traffic president Gerhard Hillebrand. Accompanied driving at 17 has already proven its worth. “The participants have a significantly lower risk of accidents than those who have obtained their driver’s license in the classic way.”

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