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Status: 07.12.2021 8:04 p.m.

For more than three years, Israel built a several meter high border wall to the Gaza Strip, now it is completed. But an essential purpose lies underground.

By Tim Assmann, ARD-Studio Tel Aviv

The facility on Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip is 65 kilometers long. Above the surface there is only a small section of a wall with watchtowers. The barrier, which has now been completed after around three and a half years, consists mainly of a several meter high fence with security strips.

Tim Assmann
ARD-Studio Tel Aviv

The special feature of this border system is hidden in the ground. A reinforced concrete wall extends deep into the ground, how deep exactly, that is a secret, and is intended to protect Israel from so-called attack tunnels from the Gaza Strip. Palestinian extremists from Hamas and other groups have attempted to carry out attacks or kidnappings in Israel through such tunnels in the past.

Nobody should overcome this border wall anymore – especially not underground.

Image: AFP

Gantz promises more security

In addition to the underground wall, the border system also has sensors that are supposed to help the army track down the tunnels. Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz said on the occasion of the official commissioning of the border security system that the new technology would deprive Hamas of an ability and give security to the inhabitants of the Israeli border area.

After the war in May, the situation on the Gaza border is relatively relaxed at the moment. The indirect negotiations on a long-term ceasefire between Israel and Hamas have so far been unsuccessful.

Israel officially opens the barrier at the Gaza border

Tim Aßmann, ARD Tel Aviv, 7.12.2021 · 19:41

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