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Korea Tourism Organization launches metaverse campaign ‘Come to Korea’
Opens a metaverse concert and operates a virtual travel experience platform

The metaverse campaign ‘Come Play with KOREA, K-VIBE FESTA’, announcing the resumption of tourism in Korea, is in full swing. Photo zone in ZEPETO World / Korea Tourism Organization

The metaverse campaign ‘Come Play with KOREA, K-VIBE FESTA’, announcing the resumption of tourism in Korea, is in full swing.

‘Come to Korea’ is a campaign prepared by the Korea Tourism Organization to actively promote Korean tourism using virtual reality. In order to provide a colorful digital customer experience to stimulate the five senses of potential foreign tourists around the world, we have planned three types of Korea Tourism Metaverse Concert, ZEPETO-linked Metaverse World, and ‘K-Travellog’, a virtual travel experience platform.

The Korea Tourism Metaverse Concert (K-VIBE Concert), which starts at 6 pm on the 8th, includes the legendary K-pop singers BoA and SHINee (Key), and the most rising global Hallyu star in 2021, Aespa. , Brave Girls, honorary ambassadors for Korea tourism this year, and Anupam, who appeared in the squid game, will appear to spread a message of hope for a new leap forward in Korean tourism to global consumers by holding performances as well as talk shows.

In ZEPETO, Korea’s representative metaverse platform, a new world was created that embodies Gyeongju, which is full of the splendid and splendid heritage of Shilla. This world, which started on December 2nd, introduces Korean cultural and historical heritages such as Hwangridan-gil, Gyochon Hanok Village, Cheomseongdae, Cheonmachong, and Poseokjeong, which are full of Korean charm.

The virtual travel experience platform ‘K-Travellog’, which opened on November 16th, is holding an event to create your own Korean tourism tour course after Corona. Foreign online participants can feel the charm of Korea by creating their own travel itinerary with sights and food from various regions such as Seoul, Busan, Andong, Gyeongju, Daegu, and Yangyang. The travel course created by the participant is made and provided as a virtual travel video, and a ‘K-Random Box’ containing limited edition goods of K-pop artists is provided by lot.

By Kim Seon-joo, staff reporter [email protected]

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