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Encourage us – for a life with cancer! Bringing courage – for the fight against the disease that every second German gets in life. Together with Germany’s largest digital self-help group yeswecan! Cer, SAT.1 starts the #MutMachWoche on World Cancer Day 2022. For seven days – from Friday to Friday – SAT.1 tells #MutMachGeschichten about living with cancer in magazines, reports and other programs.

Jörg A. Hoppe, founder of yeswecan! Cer and inventor of the YES! App: “Cancer is a diagnosis, not a guillotine. Sure, the shock at the beginning is huge, for those affected as well as for those around them. That is why it is all the more important to get all the help that is available: medical, emotional and interpersonal. Help the YES! app offers self-help. We want to make life with cancer a little easier. It’s great that we can show all viewers with SAT.1 in the #MutMachWoche what we see every day in our YES! app: cancer has many faces. And you can live better with him in the community. #Dubistnichtallein. “

Marlene Lufen, godmother of #MutMachWoche: “The diagnosis of cancer lets those affected fall into the abyss, especially if they have to deal with it on their own. We need each other in difficult times. The message is: You are not alone! And my hope that we will all move closer together.”

SAT.1 editor-in-chief Juliane Eßling: “In the circle of friends, in the family, in the group of colleagues: Cancer moves everyone: n of us at some point in life, and yet hardly anyone talks about it openly. Together with yeswecan! Cer, we bring the topic to the ‘SAT.1 #MutMachWoche’ out of the taboo zone. We tell stories of encouragement and we educate people about precaution. “

SAT.1-Senderchef Daniel Rosemann: “SAT.1 is an important companion through life for its viewers. We make our viewers laugh and cry – and we always want to be by their side with advice and action. That is exactly what we want in the first SAT.1 Redeem #MutMachWoche. I’m really looking forward to working with Jörg Hoppe and his team. With yeswecan! Cer, he has created a very modern self-help group. We want to make yeswecan! Cer even better known. “

“The SAT.1 #MutMachWoche – Living with Cancer” – from February 4th to 11th, 2022 in SAT.1

Who is yeswecan! Cer?

Yeswecan! Cer gGmbH is an organization for the common good, initiated by Jörg A. Hoppe, which supports people suffering from cancer and offers those affected the opportunity to network with each other but also with renowned specialists in the YES! App.

More info: https://yeswecan-cer.org/

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