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DORTMUND, Germany, Jan. 23 / PRNewswire /)

HOWEVER, one premium digital community in healthcare, aims to create a new order and new opportunities for all levels of health care by removing old structures breaks up and new standards puts.

We have created an extremely user-friendly platform that offers authentic content that is shared by verified members, while also offering numerous data protection features that result in a high level of professional quality. Founded by healthcare professionals who know firsthand the problems of the community is HOWEVER an exclusive, integrative and data protection-oriented platform. It offers individual and corporate members a professional offer Healthcare content, networking tools, collaborative features, and programs.

CEO and founder of HOWEVER, Dor Matei, says: “As a health care professional, it is important to make the right decisions, be it professional or personal. Learn from your colleagues. No one can do his job without the other. Doctors cannot do without the help and support their nurses, the medical industry and many others. I thank and appreciate my staff every day for the excellent job they do. Never take your staff for granted! “

In the words of Dor Matei: “We have built a professional collective, a professional tribe, to use their strength HOWEVER. The more we work togetherthe more we can achieve together. HOWEVER tries to reduce stress by helping you and us and by making healthcare back what it was and should be: the Care for the sick and needy.

HOWEVER brings together healthcare professionals along the entire value chain– Nurses, medical assistants, students, doctors, consultants, carers, innovators, knowledge seekers, and many more. Here they stay up to date on what’s new in healthcare and discover unique services that make both work and life better.

HOWEVER offers authenticitytaught by verified members, language options, group forums for discussions, jobs, internship opportunities and many other valuable features. HOWEVER offers students and Universities also a range of insights into career management and the future of healthcare. By bringing what’s really important in a doctor’s life right to the desk and cell phone, we improve the quality of our private and professional life. “There is no one right or one wrong. There are innumerable variations and combinations that must be carefully considered in order to achieve balance and prosperity and thus ensure good health care,” says Mr Matei.

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