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06.12.2021 – 03:00


Singapur (ots/PRNewswire)

Matrixport, Asia’s fastest growing digital asset financial services platform, is proud to announce its first-party offerings “Buy Below Market” (BBM) and “Sell-Above Market” (SAM ) announced.

With BBM and SAM allows users to buy or sell BTC at a discounted price or at a premium over a range of terms. The tariffs are automatically optimized by the Matrixport system.

John Ge, Matrixport co-founder and chairman of the board, said, “With the innate fluctuations in BTC price, opportunity costs are commonplace in cryptocurrencies. Our latest products address this issue by allowing our clients to take a BTC position or liquidate it at a cheaper than market price. Our offering is designed to take the stress of market timing away, making crypto trading easier for everyone. “

Users can express their opinion about BTC by choosing from a range of target prices to buy at a discount BBM choose. The lower the purchase price chosen and the longer the term, the higher the discount rate.

There are three possible outcomes for each target purchase price option:

  • When the BTC price levels off within the specified range: 50% of the user’s funds would be used to purchase BTC at the lower limit price. Users get BTC bought at a discounted rate and 50% of the money back as USDT / USDC;
  • When the BTC rate levels off at or below the lower limit of the specified range: 100% of the user’s funds would be used to purchase BTC at the lower limit price, and the user would receive BTC;
  • When the BTC rate levels off above the upper limit of the specified range: Orders are canceled and users get 100% of their USDT / USDC fund back

Conversely, there are three similar results in SAM, giving users the option to sell their BTC at a premium to the current market price. The higher the selected sales price and the longer the term, the higher the premium rate.

Following the recent introduction of the BTC U-Range Sniper and ETH2.0 Staking Earn’ reflects the introduction of BBM and SAM Reflects Matrixport’s commitment to continuously bringing innovative products to market to make investing easier for both crypto professionals and newbies.

Starting today, December 6th, 2021, users can access and use the product at any time. If you want to learn more about how Matrixports BBM and SAM want to know, please read this Product fact sheet.

Matrixport information

Matrixport is one of the fastest growing digital asset financial services platforms in Asia. With $ 10 billion in assets under management and custody, it offers crypto financial services from a single source with an average monthly trading volume of over $ 5 billion. The range includes Cactus Custody (TM), Spot-OTC, Fixed Income, structured products, lending and asset management.

Matrixport, headquartered in Singapore, is committed to making crypto easy for everyone and its motto is “Get More From Your Crypto”. The company has licenses in Hong Kong and Switzerland and employs over 250 people serving both institutions and private customers in Asia and Europe. For more information, seewww.matrixport.com.


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