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Whether it’s Christkind, Befana or Santa Claus, who brings the presents for Christmas is as different from country to country as the numerous languages ​​that are spoken around the Christmas tree. The opinion research institute YouGov, on behalf of the online English school Novakid, asked over 1,000 parents and children between the ages of four and 12 about the relevance of Christmas traditions from abroad as well as foreign languages ​​and Christmas wishes. *

International Christmas greetings

The results: Almost 60 percent of the parents surveyed stated that it was important to them to convey Christmas traditions from all over the world to their child, ideally with the help of native speakers (52 percent). In addition, 17 percent of the families in the households surveyed speak more than one language at Christmas, and another 19 percent actively use the holidays to learn a foreign language. The own family is particularly important: Almost every fourth participant in the survey: improves language skills during the Christmas season through conversations with relatives. But digital media are also of particular importance: Over 38 percent use learning platforms such as Novakid during the holidays. And not without reason: for the vast majority (93 percent), English is by far the most important foreign language for the parents and their children surveyed.

Better communication with people from all over the world and more varied career opportunities were frequently mentioned reasons. That’s why one or the other family has a very special gift under the Christmas tree this year: Over a quarter of those surveyed said that they would give away online English courses.

That’s why children want to learn English

The Christmas season is of course not only the time of giving, but also of making wishes. Therefore Novakid asked the participating children which ones they would meet with better English skills. The answers are varied: a trip to New York, being able to sing along to all the songs on the radio, communicating with children from all over the world or becoming a pilot. In order to support children in fulfilling their wishes, Novakid has launched the Christmas campaign “I Have a Dream”, in which children and young people between the ages of four and 15 can take part worldwide. From November 29 to December 19, 2021, you can take part in a free English trial lesson at Novakid and then share your greatest dream on social media and how English can help you fulfill it. Whether post or video, with the hashtags #Novakid and #Novakid_dream, all posts automatically take part in the campaign. At the

December 24, 2021 Novakid founders Max Azarov and Dmitry Malin announce the winner, who can choose between useful Apple products and a year of free English lessons at Novakid.

* YouGov survey on behalf of the online English learning platform Novakid among 1,058 parents of children between the ages of four and 12 as well as children. Survey period November 18th – 24th, 2021

About Novakid

Novakid (COM)https://www.novakid.de) is an online learning platform where children can learn English from native speakers in one-to-one virtual tuition. The internationally available service is aimed at schoolchildren between the ages of four and twelve who can choose their tutors from over 1,000 qualified teachers. Augmented Reality is also used in the 25-minute teaching units to enable the children to learn as authentically as possible. Novakid’s specially developed online learning platform focuses on personalization and AI-assisted data extraction and analysis in order to continuously improve the curriculum and the materials used. The company, headquartered in San Francisco (California, USA), was founded in 2017 by Max Azarow and Dmitry Malin. Novakid currently operates in over 40 countries and employs 260 people worldwide.

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